Is that you? Lurking in the shadows in the back of my mind?

My heart, beating like a bass drum in my ears, my breathing has become too loud for me to concentrate, the darkness has become the very thing I am beginning to fear, your voice will be what decides my fate, the mirrors are barricading me in this room, I’ve lost sight of reality, this is my life now I assume. I’ll take a seat on the cold ground, to only wake up in my bed it’s my thoughts that keep me company.

Serum of truths

Hello my darling please take a seat, I have something to show you I’m sure you’ll find it quite neat. Here in this bottle is a serum of truth,would you like to take it for a spin or should I take the plunge for you? How about we split it in half and have us a little fun? I have nothing to hide, my words of truth are locked in the chamber and my mouth is like a gun. C’Mon my love don’t be shy, take a swig of this potion that will end the curse of lies.

Cheers we both took the risk, but my heart is breaking from what came of this, I poured out my heart with the utmost sincerity, but you claim that I just bore you with just about everything, my vision blurred from the tears filling my eyes, love is spilling from my guts but your love was nothing but lies. The serum is wearing off where do we go from here? You are a compulsive liar just about everything I feared.

mmmm plants.




I see you digging into that burger just chewing away,

Did you know that was a life, a soul that looked forward to living another day?

The grease is dribbling down your hands as you take another bite,

How would you feel if I sank my teeth into you, I bet you would put up a fight.

“Hi, I’d like a garden burger please?”

“How can you eat that crap,” you say.

“it’s easier than eating something that used to breathe”

I look around the restaurant and see steaks, burgers, and chicken dishes.

I may be only one person making the right decision.

You judge so harshly on what my body consumes.

Please just leave me alone because I’m not the one putting an animal to their doom.

Naked in public

When I have my heart on my sleeve and give you a gift from what’s on my mind be gentle with your words, be subtle with correction because I am like glass and times like this are hard to find. I’l lay it all out like it’s a race against time, but that is not the case I’m just releasing what’s on my mind. The words might be misspelled, or I might be singing out of key, have I forgot to meter the shot? Oh how clumsy of me. If you find there’s a mistake don’t get distraught. Just lay it out to me with a smile I promise I’ll give it a better shot. I’ll take your words of wisdom and pack it away in my heart. so when time comes for another burst of creativity, I’ll at least know where to start.

The Devil is in the Details: On Descriptive Writing

Very helpful

The Daily Post

We often hear that we should “show, not tell” — that we should paint a detailed picture for our reader that lets them see what’s happening, rather than simply narrating.

Easier said than done! All details are not created equal: some detail throws a barrier between the reader and your story, and some detail is (ironically) not detailed enough. How do you tell whether a detail helps or hurts? Here are four things to keep in mind when you’re writing descriptively, and some writers who illustrate them perfectly.

Good detail is relevant.

Including every detail is the written equivalent of your friend who can never get to the point of a story because he can’t remember if it happened on Tuesday or Wednesday, or if it was 1 PM or 2 PM, or if the car was red or blue. Good detail is relevant to the point of your post.

Writer beware! Not…

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