Serum of truths

Hello my darling please take a seat, I have something to show you I’m sure you’ll find it quite neat. Here in this bottle is a serum of truth,would you like to take it for a spin or should I take the plunge for you? How about we split it in half and have us a little fun? I have nothing to hide, my words of truth are locked in the chamber and my mouth is like a gun. C’Mon my love don’t be shy, take a swig of this potion that will end the curse of lies.

Cheers we both took the risk, but my heart is breaking from what came of this, I poured out my heart with the utmost sincerity, but you claim that I just bore you with just about everything, my vision blurred from the tears filling my eyes, love is spilling from my guts but your love was nothing but lies. The serum is wearing off where do we go from here? You are a compulsive liar just about everything I feared.

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